Putting in some overtime

We can help run your agile projet

Unlike other agile management consultancies we dont just sit on the side lines advising you what to do and what not to do. Successfull agile projects are those that adhere to all aspects of the methodology, btu the approach and tooling used should be are emergent changing in response to the challenges faced by the team at any particular point in time, and we believe the only real way to advise on how to overcome these challenges is to be part of the team itself.

One reoccuring problem with Agile is that organisations (usually those that have only ever known waterfall) often adopt it thinking that they can pick and choose which aspects of the methodology to implement so as to bend and form the way they work to fit into what the company is used to. They end up with teams where there are people who are the scrum master, technical lead and product owner all rolled into one, where standups only happen occasionally to keep the noise down, and planning sessions where only a few are in attendance to limit the amount of time developers are not at their desk. Thee are the projects that fail.

All too often companies looking to embark on agile projects go to recruitement agencies to take on IT contractors with past experience of scrum or XP in the hope that these people will bring with them the knowlegde and experience of how to agile projects should be ran. Unfortunately, in a room of ten people with previous experience of being a part of an agile project, there will probably be nine different opinion s about how to run one, and all from a developers point of view.

This is where we can help, In partnership with Technical Team Solutions, Marabou Stork can provide the expertise necessary to ensure your agile project is a success. We have access to people who have a proven track record not just in being part of an Agile team, but who specialise in key areas of Scrum and XP, from software development, through automated deployment and dev ops, to story writing and automated testing. Our consultants will come and work on your premises, on your code along side your own staff in the same way that contractors would. The big difference is that each of them will be there representing Marabou Stork, will know each other, and will not only be there to help deliver your product, but also ensure that when we are no longer required that we leave behind an efficient and effective team to carry on the work.

Story Writing

We will help shape your product backlog with stories that everyone can understand. Our consultants are not only experts in requirements gathering and story writing, but have all had first hand experience in testing and developing products from them so they know what works and what doesn’t better than most. Our experts will guide you though the use of Gherkin to create stories which can be used to deliver both the product, but also the automated tests that are essential to ensuring continual quality and regression avoidance.


Getting the right mix of human and automated testing is crucial, but through a combination of expert story writing, and automated deployment we can help you deliver a quality product that is automatically regression tested every time some new code is committed. Our developers are also well versed in the art of TDD and BDD and will aim to instill an idea of test driven develpment in the rest of your development team.


We will help you deliver a continuous integration platform that will monitor your code base, automatically compile, deploy and test your product and report on the build status to the rest of the team 24/7. We will provide a setup based on industry standard technologies which will mean that you can deploy your products and services to your customers with confidence at the click of a button.


In any Agile team it is the development which is at the heart of the project, but all of the skilled developers in the world will not make up for poor story writing, quality assurance and deployment. Our approach is to ensure that all stakeholdlers play an active role in the engineering process, enforcing the idea that cooperation between product owners, developers and testers is key to achieving quality. We have access to some of the best developers available and from the outset they will work closely with your team to instill confidence in the use of test driven developement techniques, and to encourage every person within the team to take ownership of the quality of the code they write, the value that it provides to the end user, and the ability for it to be deployed successfully.


A successfull agile project is one which adheres to all of the principles in the agile manifesto, and none are more important than the ability for a team to evolve and to respond to challenges which are often unique to their particulat project or organisation. Through the use o recognised ceremonies including the all important retrospective we will help your team identify and fix the problems that they encounter to ensure that they continue to be an effective team long after we have left.