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Price monitoring and legal evidence gathering for leading UK Survey firm

MarabouStork enabled one of the UK’s leading legal survey firms to capture car hire price information for the whole of market, this included capturing legally binding screenshots taken in realtime of the location, time and price details for vehicles at every major car hire company in the UK.

The client needed to perform automated searches, completing the booking forms as a customer would and then capture the price, location and other vehicle details, this data was then cleansed, grouped and made available to their dashboard in csv format and provided a feed straight into their internal systems.

About the Client

This client is one of the leading UK legal survey firms, providing services to the insurance market. Their online service enables insurance companies access to the latest car hire price information and includes screenshots taken at the time of capture. This information can then be used to produce survey packs to provide legal proof of car hire prices in case of disputes between the insurance companies and their clients.


Our clients main challenge was to ensure the car hire details are captured accurately and in a timely manner. They also needed to be able to gather the car hire data on a monthly schedule for different rental periods, in addition for the information to be legally acceptable a screenshot of the actual webpage that the customer would see needed to be stored with the record of data.

Why they chose MarabouStork

Using MarabouStorks Symphony Software As A Service (SaaS), they were able to complete the booking forms on the car hire websites automatically for one, seven and thirty day time periods and then capture to csv format the car price details for all vehicle categories.

At the same time Symphony was configured to take real time screen shots of the web pages as the customer would see them. These screenshot images were then stored with the data records for later retrieval and analysis.


Within a ahort period of time, MarabouStork were able to configure and implement the Symphony product running as a Software As A Service it automatically visits the car hire websites at scheduled intervals to collect the required vehicle listings. This data is made available to client via a dropbox dashboard in csv format, from where they can consume the data into their line of business systems.


The introduction of Symphony for this client resulted in a ten fold reduction in the administration overhead required to gather and populate their database. In addition to this the data quality was near to 100% guaranteed as the human error aspect of the data mining was no longer an issue. Without using MarabouStorks Symphony software, the client would have been unable to gather and collate the data accurately in such a limited time.