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Marketplace product data mapping for a leading PLC Supermarket

As a data supplier for one of the UK’s leading Supermarket chains MarabouStork were asked to improve the data quality and listings in their online Marketplace and provide assistance to their marketplace suppliers during the on boarding process. On choosing MarabouStork the client decided to implement Symphony, a Software As A Service (SaaS) that allowed them to crawl their suppliers websites and gather all the required data, removing the need for the supplier to map their data to the complex data model specified by the Supermarket.

About the Client

This client is one of the largest UK Supermarket chains by market share. Their online Marketplace enables many large high street chains to sell their products under the Supermarket brand, while preserving the integrity and customer service expected from a leading Supermarket.


Our clients primary focus was to ensure that the quality of the information going into their Marketplace was of a very high standard. Their current process for bringing a new supplier onboard, involved many complex data models and resulted in a lot of work for the supplier to pass the strict validation required for the data to be made publicly available on the MarketPlace.

The supplier to the Marketplace was expected to map all their data to the clients model and provide this to them via a spreadsheet upload. This timely process was leading to delays with suppliers going live with their product catalogue or worse, their data never being of a high enough standard to pass the validation criteria.

Why they chose MarabouStork

MarabouStorks Symphony cloud service enabled the required product listings to be automatically crawled from the Marketplace suppliers own website and then be mapped to MarketPlace model ensuring the data passed the validation requirements and bringing the product parity
up the standards expected by such a leading brand.


Within a short period of time, MarabouStork were able to configure and implement the Symphony product running as a Software As A Service automatically visiting the suppliers websites at scheduled intervals to collect the required product listings. This data is then mapped to the Marketplace model and made available to the client, allowing them to feed the data into their internal LOB systems.


Although the challenges involved in working with such a strict data model made this a complex challenge MarabouStork were able to streamline the onboarding process for suppliers and the results were impressive. The Supermarket were impressed with the increase in product listings and because the data is automatically mined from the suppliers own website, the data was of a higher quality.