MarabouStork | Extract Data, Screen Scraping, Web Crawling, Competitor Price Analysis, Combine and Compare your competitors websites | Automated data collection for leading Field Research Company
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Automated data collection for leading Field Research Company

MarabouStork enabled one of the UK’s leading field research companies with over 1000 employees to mine data on the latest UK entertainment blu-ray and dvd releases, from across all the leading UK online sales channels.

The client needed to perform automated searches based on a predefined list of titles, across the eight leading retail websites and have the data cleansed, grouped and made available to their dashboard in csv format.

About the Client

This MarabouStork client is one of the largest UK field research companies, with offices throughout the British Isles. By providing field research insight to global film studios and some of the UK’s leading supermarkets they have achieved recognition for their innovation in the sector.


Our clients data requirements were very time sensitive with deadlines to gather and deliver the data weekly after midnight but delivered before 9pm every Monday, the administration team could simply not perform this task manually in the given timeframe. In addition they found that manually collecting the data resulted in a much higher input error rate than using the Symphony service to automatically gather the required data.

Our client also needed to specify a list of titles to search for and Symphony allows for this by allowing an input feed of data to be used during the data extraction, this helps to ensure only the required data is collected, improving the speed and accuracy of the resulting output.

Why they chose MarabouStork

They chose MarabouStork to implement the Symphony cloud service to enable them to crawl the required dvd and blu-ray prices from across fifteen different source websites. The software was configured to visit ten different source websites and perform searches on the sites using the clients title list, just like a human being would do manually and then intelligently gather matching titles, price and stock levels. This data is then made available to the client in any required format or fed directly into their API.