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80% reduction in administrative overhead for top legal firm

MarabouStork helped a leading UK law firm to reduce administrative workload, saving the company in excess of £100,000 annually and improving employee moral by allowing them to focus on more value added tasks.

About the Client

In order to increase productivity and reduce administrative mistakes when processing and managing large numbers of debt consolidation data from major UK banks, this MarabouStork client chose the Symphony cloud service. This increased the throughput of jobs, prevented costly mistakes and allowed the existing employees to focus on adding value to the business.


This legal firms existing processes for managing their workload, including logging on to the major uk banking systems deb purchase systems, from where they would have a team of 6-8 people manually transferring this data into their internal systems. This has led to data entry mistakes that had almost resulted in mix ups with client details, something that could cause great embarrassment to the firm. The manual nature of the tasks were also demoralising for staff and had a detrimental effect on the efficiency and completion rates.

Why they chose MarabouStork

They invited MarabouStork to provide consultancy services and implement the Symphony software in-house on the legal firms infrastructure, to comply with their security policies. The Symphony software was configured to gather in excess of 3000 debt purchase jobs, automatically from the website screens and consolidate this into a format that allowed it to be directly fed into the firms internal data processing systems. The data captured was 100% accurate as there are no manual steps involved.


The company was surprised by how quickly and accurately the software can gather this website data, having considered the time and effort required to do this manually, the benefits were clear. MarabouStork demonstrated that the Symphony service can accurately and efficiently gather the debt purchase tasks from the website screens automatically and with 100% data accuracy. The time taken to process over 3000 records daily was reduced by 80% enabling the client to complete more work in a fraction of the time previously taken.