Combine Data From Multiple Sources

We collect, combine and group data from multiple sites in whatever way you want. Collecting product prices from 5 different sites but want the data grouped by brand? No problem!

Control What Data We Collect

Say you only want information for a few specific products, Well, we have a mechanism for you to provide us with a list to work from so that you only get the data you really need.

Receive Your Data In Any Format

We can produce pretty much any output format you desire, and we can provide your data either as series of files, or as an upload directly to your own systems using your own API.

Fast and Reliable

We routinely setup automated tests against the data we collect for you so that our systems can notify us as soon as something appears to have gone wrong. Then we fix it for you.

Cleansed and Filtered

We can cleanse the information we retrieve so that its ready to use straight away. We can also remove duplicates and use dictionaries to standardize the terminology used across multiple sites.

Extensible and Flexible

Realtime screenshots, Currency conversion, Language translation, Volume and metric standardization, Geo-coding, Dictionary look ups, and Change detection are just a some of the features used to ensure you get the data you need.


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    Search Applications
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    Data Migration
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    Product Comparison

Meet Symphony

Watch this video if you
want to get know how Symphony
can help you and your business
  • Symphony made light work of applying our taxonomy to the documents we fed to Fast ESP.
    National Health Service - UK
  • Its amazing how much storage we used to waste indexing pages that were irrelevant, but with symphony we are now filtering out content like about us and contact pages.
    National Library Service - UK
  • It was essential that our users were able to filter results by the drug mentioned in the pages, and Symphony made it easy to identify and extract this information
  • We find that the price of our vehicles varies massively from region to region. We therefore have to know on a daily basis what other hire car companies are pricing their vehicles at in those areas.
  • Being popular in business is about more than price. My monitoring things like stock levels and customer feedback for our competitors we can make sure we are the company people come to.
  • We are now able to keep an eye on what our competitors are doing better than ever thanks to the data that symphony gives us.
  • “Our team used to retrieve data from the web manually, what used to take days can now be accomplished in hours. The service really is fantastic and massively reduces our costs and overheads.”
    Leading UK Law Firm
  • “It took considerable time and effort to format and remove duplicate entries from the data we collected from websites. Symphony really has made an impossible task possible in a fraction of the time.”
    Market Leading Field Research Company