DataVault™ Crawl

If you want to gather data, images or files from the internet then DataVault™ Crawl can automatically navigate through web pages on just about any website retrieving (scraping) only the information you require. It can then provide that data to you in an easy to analyse format either as a one-off download, or as an automated regular update.

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DataVault™ Combine

DataVault™ Combine is an add-on service which will take data collected by DataVault™ Crawl often from multiple and very different websites and combine that data into one easy to compare format. Even when products are categorised differently, by part number, type or commodity, if there is a way to consolidate them, then DataVault™ Combine will find it.

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DataVault™ Compare

Want to know when your competitors are undercutting you? Perhaps you need to monitor their stock levels? Whatever comparison you want to make DataVault™ Compare will help you maintain that competitive edge by bringing together the data collected by our other products into a single regularly updated report built to your specifications.

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DataVault™ Custom

Maybe you need daily/hourly updates? Do you have specific data cleansing requirements? Perhaps you want to integrate the output from DataVault™ into your own systems, or maybe you want to run the DataVault™ application yourself? Whatever your requirements we are keen to hear from you simply contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

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Specialist Areas

“It took considerable time and effort to format the data for our needs and remove significant duplication from the gathered data. We previously would have to manually capture thousands of images as we visited each page, slowing down my administration teams productivity and having a negative effect on our bottom line.”

“What previously took our team of administration staff several days to complete can now be accomplished in minutes. In order to gather historical information from the UK car hire industry, we would employ administration staff to periodically visit the websites, complete the car hire form as a customer and then collect the pricing information over several weeks!”

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  • Use your competitors web sites to remain competitive!
    Monday 30th of May 2011 10:37:55 PMIn business, you always need to know what your competitors are doing. To survive you must perform competitive intelligence activities and monitor the broader market for new developments that could affect your company, your products and brands, suppliers, and distributors. Tracking your competitors is the only way to make to make sure you stay competitive!
  • Mocking HttpWebResponse with Moles
    Thursday 17th of March 2011 11:32:19 AMDuring the development of our DataVault™ service we came across some areas of the code that did not seem well suited to TDD. These were areas of the code which had dependancies on external sites that we needed to access using the HttpWebRequest / Response objects. As anyone who’s attempted to write code using these [...]
  • DataVault™ Web Crawler
    Tuesday 15th of February 2011 04:11:43 PMDataVault™ is a fully customizeable web spider designed to retrieve data from the web.

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